TTN gateway reboots frequently

This has been happening since day 1 and never really improved - the issue is the gateway reboots frequently (few times per day) with MQTT: Report reboot error: 0140 - it is running and connected to TTNv3 - anyone else seeing this behaviour or have I always been dealing with a “broken” gateway.
It is connected both with a cable and wifi.

No responses so I’m the only one facing this issue, should I throw in the bin instead ?

And this was when exactly? Last month? Last year? Dec '17 when they started shipping? Did it ever work on TTN V2? Not sure what the -0140 error is (does documentation say anything on this?) Early KGW’s had some problems that seemed to be partly resolved by 1) reseatng the concentrator module or 2) firmware updates (typically pushed form the TTN servers - have you enabled updating for the GW? What firmware version is it running?) Note others may be having the problem but might not be forum regulars - we are all volunteers and tend to post when there is something to say/contribute or where some general advice or speculation appropriate :wink: No help to you but my TKGW is just peachy and working fine (no issues since move to V3 last Autumn).

Hi Jeff,

I believe it is loaded with latest firmware - Firmware name: AmazingAckermann, type: 0, version: 1.0.8, commit: 846da98b, timestamp: 1574945235 -

I have to go thru my emails to see when it was delivered … (Januari 2018)

It is currently connected to TTNv3 and the problem remains, but is has always been there and have reported on it long time ago (the frequent rebooting)

There are cases it gets stuck on - MQTT: Opening socket timed out, restarting - the only solution when that happens is to remove the power for some time.

I found this old message … looks pretty much to what I see …

Screenshot 2022-03-22 at 16.43.55

Cheers, Willem.

New flavor, it will not recover from this situation, totally unreliable - who is actively logging the monitor output ? I have 3 gateways (different flavors) and the TTN one is the only one being unreliable.

2022-04-10 08:02:32.061515 CNFG: Load online user config state change to 4
2022-04-10 08:02:32.061583 HTTP: Close active socket 0
2022-04-10 08:02:34.042433 CONF: ERROR REQUEST
2022-04-10 08:02:34.042536
2022-04-10 08:02:34.085866 CNFG: Downloading gateway configuration failed
2022-04-10 08:02:34.085966
2022-04-10 08:02:34.085989 CNFG: Load online user config state change to 8
2022-04-10 08:02:34.086047
2022-04-10 08:02:34.086067 CNFG: Communication ERROR

Just doing a powerdown again :frowning: