TTN Gateway setup in Beaglebone black


I am trying to set up a TTN gateway(ic880a) in beaglebone black wireless.

Does anyone use beaglebone black with TTN? if yes, please help me with how to set it up?


It should be about the same as any from-source type of install on a pi or similar.

Keep in mind there’s a “won’t fix” design flaw on the BBB PCB that means some large fraction of the time the Ethernet PHY powers up in a randomly broken state, because the power/reset circuitry to it was not correctly designed. If that’s what you were going to do for backhaul, I’d consider using a different board, or using a USB Ethernet adapter.

As @cslorabox already pointed out, you can use any Raspberri pi solution. On my gateway I use Basicstation. The only big difference are the spi pins on the BBB. You have to figure out which spi pins are used and wire correctly. You also have to change the spi pin numbers in the Basicstation config.

I think you mean the GPIO pins used for reset (and optionally enable), or the spi device.

Actual SPI pins matter when you are wiring things up or configuring the kernel SPI driver/pinmux, but shouldn’t be visible to usermode application software since the SPI device abstracts that. One can probably use the default / find any trivial example of SPI for the board.

I know that the Lorank8 of Ideetron is build using a Beaglebone.