TTN Gateway shows not connected

My TTN gateway is showing not connected, also no data is showing when I use the data tab.
Also I have tried to register a new device which seems to be ok on the registration but does not get a response when trying to join.

My gateway device is a dragino LS8 which is working ok and my devices that were already registered on TTN yesterday or before are working ok and do show data though.

I have seen a few posts in the past which seem to be similar, is something down?

I apologise if this is repetitive but I don’t see a highlighted post telling me about this. - read the second item

See this for more info: TTN Console not working properly all the time [console] [gateway] [not connected] [no traffic] [application] [no data]

The NOC api is busy, so it’s likely that it may take some indeterminate amount of time before things stabilise.

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