TTN Gateway with different network server (

(Alessandro Marzini) #1

i’ve a TTN gateway and I’ve a demo account on and I would like to understand if I can use the ttn gateway (also) on network server. I understand that the ttn is made almost exclusively to work with ttn network server so my question is if with some mechanism I can read the data of my devices on ttn also on another platform, something like:

ttn gateway <------> ttn network <------???----> resiot network

Alessandro Marzini


No I don’t think that’s possible.
In the TTN gateway setup you can’t add multiple networks

(Arjan) #3

Not as a second LoRaWAN network server, as there can really be only one that controls a gateway’s duty cycle and all. But surely through other interfaces:
Simultaneous and persistent connections with multiple connectors: MQTT Brokers client or server, Websockets, http pusher client or server, Sigfox™ backend and other network servers like TTN The Things Network