TTN Gateway with lorawan-stack v3

Hi all,

Can the ttn gateway be used with the lorawan-stack v3? Is there a plan around this?

I have built the v3 stack and have it running fine. I built my own ttn gateway firmware version so that I could edit the backend url and key etc, however Im now stuck with my identity server responding

stack_1 | INFO Finished unary call duration=646.304µs error=error:pkg/identityserver:unsupported_authorization (Unsupported authorization method) error_correlation_id=00eced15368240c7a70eeaae62fbd90c error_name=unsupported_authorization error_namespace=pkg/identityserver grpc_code=Unauthenticated grpc_method=Get grpc_service=ttn.lorawan.v3.GatewayRegistry namespace=grpc request_id=01DR8QRSK7KNZ2RE9FR5CW7E0T

I see also there hardcoded v2 things in the firmware such as api/v2/gateways

I guess this means it has never been used with the v3 stack?


OK after some more poking around I now understand v3 contains a bridge for the v2 mqtt to the v3 grpc, so the v2 endpoints seem to be valid in v3.

However the ttn gateway request has an authType = “key” which is not supported in the v3 identity server, hence the above error.

I’ll keep looking and learning, but any advice would be appreciated.