TTN Gwynedd

Hi there,

We at Gwynedd Council want to really take advantage of what lorwan and TTN can do, so we have a few projects lined up, and have 3 gateways up and running already.

Hopefully we can get more gateways installed, and soon residents will start to benefit from it!


welcome !

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Croeso :grinning:

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Go for it Gwynedd! Shame our myopic council here in the Capital into exactly what may be achieved! Pob lwc

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Not far from you we’re getting our community setup on Anglesey/Mon.

Our “Year of IoT” events will be coming through Gwynedd also, so it’s nice to see some gateways up and running!

We’re launching on the 25th and will be running for a whole year.

(from Marconi day '19 to Marconi day '20)

Join us all.