TTN Harz, Germany

The Harz - now also starting as a TTN community

So far, we from Freifunk Harz e.V. have set up some gateways in the region under the roof of our association. Through the contact with TTN Mitteldeutschland and some other interested people in our region, we have now initiated our own community in and for the Harz region. Freifunk and TheThingsNetwork are thematically so close to each other that we are sure that we can advance both topics together. We are looking forward to more members and hope to soon close more wise spots on the map of the TTN network coverage and to and to be able to implement the first use cases.

The CoreTeam of TTN Harz


@truk and @quedel

The TTN forum is, by agreement, English language only.

However strange, that applies to all community pages located in countries where English is not the primary language.

This provides a base line for all to contribute & for moderation purposes.

I am aware that there is a German TTN forum that is very active, I don’t have the address, maybe @kersing could supply it.

We’d be delighted for you to repost - even via Google Translate.

Thank you.


Freifunk has only a secondary connection to TTN Harz.
The goal of building an infrastructure that can be used by everyone is basically the same, only that other technologies are used. We (Freifunk) of course have some great locations with internet connections available, which are suitable for LoRa expansion. We can also fall back on subsidies from the state.

Due to the private interest of some members and also because of enquiries on the subject, we have been dealing with LoRa and TTN and have made contacts. Especially through the contact to TTN Central Germany, the idea arose to found a community of our own for the Harz region. This should function as a contact point for all interested parties.

We do not yet have any fixed structures with regard to TTN Harz.
Therefore, we are still in the “founding phase” with the attempt to network all interested parties in order to build structures.

Greetings from Quedlinburg