TTN Indoor Gateway not connecting

Hi, I have this TTN Indoor Gateway. It does not connect to LNS. I am trying to claim it but it says that it is already registered. Can you de-register it so that I can claim it?

Also, what should I do so that it connects? Update firmware?

Gateway EUI58-A0-CB-FF-FE-80-1F-4A

WiFi AP MAC58:A0:CB:80:1F:4A

WiFi AP Passgqdgr3jK

WiFi STA MAC2C:F4:32:50:BA:8A

Serial NumberTBMH100868005869

MFG date2019-11-10 10:52:06

FW Build2020-05-07 16:03:53

FW Version2.0.4

Core Version2.0.4(minihub/debug)

Nope, no one here - but if you post in Slack that will get attention of TTI staff who can access the database.

Try adding a digit to the GatewayID field :slight_smile:


I believe @iarakis resolved this via Slack but hasn’t had the opportunity to confirm it that here yet.