TTN Kozani, Greece

I took the initiative to start a community page for Kozani in Western Macedonia, Greece.
Most people backing the community are academic staff and students from the Department of Electrical And Computer Engineering - University of Western Macedonia.
We have 2 TTN gateways installed covering the whole city and many surrounding villages.

This is a great opportunity to meet other IOT enthusiasts in the area and get to know each other.

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We started testing the TTN v3 usage and console, while keeping the main TTN v2 gateway online.
We will be using eu1 TTS community server. 1 or 2 gateways in the city are active these days on the new console.
For the time being, the map does not show the TTS v3 gateways.

No, they don’t. Search the forum for answers.

Well, seems ttnmapper started showing TTS GW’s on the map! Ours just showed up. This is all i needed for now :slight_smile: