TTN lost message

(Jack Ha) #1

Hi Guy,
I have the LoRa system include End node (Arduino Mega2560+RAK811-915Mhz), Gateway(Raspberry Pi 3+RAK831-915Mhz), TTN account. The system is working, but I have a problem, I lost a lot of messages in the TTN (see in “counter” in TTN) although snr and rssi are good. Could anybody tell me what trouble? Thanksthe%20erro

(Jac Kersing) #2
  1. Make sure the node is only using the frequencies the gateway is listening on.
  2. Are the node and gateway close together? (< 10 feet?) If so move the node away from the gateway.

(Jack Ha) #3

Thanks, man I will try fix it, but no success

(Jeff Uk) #4

Some updates seem to be quite fast so depending on SF and payload size you may also be running into duty cycle limits being enforced at the device level? Not sure if that is a factor in some 915Mhz regions? Certainly one to consider in EU868Mhz regime :wink:

(Jack Ha) #5

I do not really understand what did you said. I set the device to send a message every 30s, all SF. I have tried with (5s,5 minutes) I got trouble again. Give me some tips, please!

(Jack Ha) #6

Hi man. I tried to fix the error but I couldn’t. Could you give me some idea?