Ttn-lw-cli login page not found

D:\devel\lorawan-stack-cli_3.10.7_windows_amd64>ttn-lw-cli login
INFO Opening your browser on
INFO After logging in and authorizing the CLI, we’ll get an access token for future commands.
INFO Waiting for your authorization…

A Browser window opens and says not found.
Any hints
Best regards

Are you trying to login to the public cluster or to a private installation?

Public i asume. I want to migrate my devices from the things network to the thing stack.

had to use adress

Just looking into this this evening… As i need to generate a API key file for registering a Gateway on V3.

Which is the correct windows CLI to use for Public? I downloaded what I thought was the correct package… But URL when logging attempts to launch a website locally (which obviously doesnt exist).

Is there a configuration file I need to amend to point the CLI at ?

Any help much appreciated!