TTN Mapper and The Things Gateway (Fake) GPS

(Timothy Goddard) #1

Hi Everyone

Today I configured an application with TTN Mapper integration for the new The Things Gateway on campus. I had a walk around the campus and successfully logged some measurements using a combination of a Dragino LoRaWAN shield on an Arduino, plus the Android app. You can see what I captured here using the “specific node” custom map on TTN Mapper.

But, I think I’m encountering the problem listed in the TTN mapper FAQ here under “My results are not showing up on the map.” I only see the data using the “specific node” view and then I only see circles without lines to the gateway. The TTN Mapper FAQ suggests that this is because the gateway “does not send its coordinates in its status update packets.”

Is there something that I need to do in the application/integration settings? I can’t see any obvious tick boxes or settings regarding fake GPS data in the gateway, application or integration settings. The gateway location is specified in the gateway settings and the location is set to public in the privacy settings.

Any help appreciated.



(Arjan) #2

Seeing all gateways being marked offline on, which is reported in other forum posts and Slack as well, this might very well be a temporary glitch?


(Timothy Goddard) #3


Thanks for the response. That’s a lot of red gateway icons and hopefully it does explain why the gateway here is not showing up.

I’ll wait until TTN Mapper is back to normal before I try anything else.

Much appreciated.


(Arjan) #4

Looking much better today. Does that solve your issues too?


(Mc 404) #5

Yes the same for me. The gateways are appearing again. Thanks for the good news, Arjan!

(Timothy Goddard) #6

Sorry for the slow reply. Everything is working fine now, thanks.