TTN Mapper data missing

Hi all,

I don’t see any data anymore in TTN mapper. Not for my gateways… not for my devices

Anyone with the same problem?

ps, I could not find a open issue on this


yesterday and today, everything works as usual.
I use this URL TTN Mapper


Hi @thomasdr

I meant at the Advanced Maps: TTN Mapper

There is no or almost no data of my devices of my gateways


If it’s historic data from V2 and early V3 then JP cleared it out many months back and had been selectively adding it back as and when users requested and identified original and migrated node or gw details as there was a lot of historic junk or stale data… he has a form (google docs IIRC) for request/notification…


I’ve been mapping since December 21, my data are all available in the advanced map.


@MarcVanBracht I’m having the same issues.

My device and TTN webhook are ok, but I can´t see any points on TTN Mapper :frowning:

I’ve double checked all the settings, all are OK. Still no luck :cry: :slightly_frowning_face:

Hi @alexcorvis

this is not only for sensors/devices but also for the gateway mapping

This gateway is on TTNV3, all public, was showing all kind of mapping data from sensors and now it’s empty

And this has noting to do with the webhook in the TTN console for a application/device



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