TTN Mapper - distances wonky

(Attax Chirp) #1

During a few cross-country trips in the pre-Christmas season, I’ve let my Adafruit Feather LoRa Node ride along in the car with the TTN Mapper app running.
I’ve noticed that the distances from my location to the gateway, shown when you tap on a confirmed “listen”, are sometimes really wrong.
Yesterday the app claimed 4.8km, where the actual distance, confirmed by Google Maps, is more like 20km. I’ve also noticed significant discrepancies on the more typical much shorter scales of around 600…800m around my own gateway.
Has anyone else seen this and is there a solution?

(Arjan) #2

Do the points for the position of the node show on the correct spot on the map?

(And I assume you kept the phone close to the node at all times while mapping? I guess you wouldn’t be that far from the car anyhow.)

(Attax Chirp) #3

Hi Arjan,
I’ve made the mistake before of using my phone on the road while the node registered for TTN was sitting on my desk next to my gateway. Somehow the switch “mapping” was “on”, so now there are two data points on the TTNmapper map that are false. (Is there a way to purge them?) - but in terms of this topic, no, everything was fine. Gateway position seems to check out, my position was absolutely correct. Google Maps tells me that my position was 20 km from the Gateway. The little pop-up box in TTNmapper app (iOS) gave 4800m as distance, even though the line on the map is correct and corresponds to the 20 km.