TTN-Mapper - how to update data?


I just set up a new gateway. I had to go through various hardware and software changes until I had my production setup which is working fine now.

But now the data shown on TTN-Mapper is obsolete:

  • My working gateway has no “description” field. I changed the field in TTS to a new text after I had it all working, but the change never showed up in TTN-Mapper. Is there a automatic update cycle that I just have to wait out?

  • All my obsolete gateways are still showing up in TTN-Mapper. They are of course marked as “offline”. Will they vanish by themselves in a while, or do I have to do something to get rid of them?


Old offline gws will slowly age off - typically aro 4 weeks after 1st offline if not interrmittent seen. System has no way of knowing status as in obsolete or simply broken, bad backhaul connection or whatever so keeps place and shows offline until enough time has elapsed.

New gws will appear once core LNS has time to recognise and update its location db and for TTNMapper to then have time to scrape new data and present on map. This can be a few few mins but typically several hours and maybe up to aro 1 day. If not seen at that time use advanced map to look at just your target gw and see if data pulled, if not then maybe larger issue, if good individually leave main map for another 24hrs and ensure some mapping traffic handled by it (with TTNMapper Integration enabled and functional - check you see device traffic through it)

Also when new gw set up did you leave option to show location in network ticked on registration? If not go in and change to make public and show location….

Ok, so this takes care of the old gateways.

But the new one is puzzling:

  • No Name and no Description is shown for the new gw, just ID, EUI, Network, Last Heard, Position and Altitude.
  • All the other (old) gateways do show Name and Description.
  • The “Advanced Map” doesn’t show anything for the (new) gateway ID.

There is mapping traffic going through the gateway, which shows up on the (main) map just fine.

Maybe it is because I had initial problems creating the gateway: The hardware had been used twice, so I had to specify a custom ID. Can this cause the issues?

Possible issue with too much caffeine in haemoglobin - TTN servers do batch updates, TTN Mapper servers do batch updates, browsers cache - just give it a day or so to trickle through - it’s not like the info shown on TTN Mapper impacts the functionality or performance.

No, you’re right - the gateway works perfectly fine, I already have traffic passing through, and location is shown correctly on the map as well.

… and I realized I committed another “don’t”: I wanted to present a contact email in the description, so I used the “@” character. It wasn’t until later that I realized that might be a problem and changed it to “< at >”. I hope I didn’t break anything with that - it’s the one difference vs. the previous (now obsolete) gateways that I can think of.