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Not sure if this the right place to ask.
I’ve used TTNv3 and the network for the gateway connection for around 4 years now for playing around with nodes at home, I was experimenting with getting the gateway migrated to the TTI exploratory plan to try it out - somewhat in prep for doing the same for my work gateways (larger scale/commercial).

Just wondering, I have the TTI cloud connected gateway setup with all the Private to Public peering settings - but on TTN mapper it doesn’t appear to support mapping of a private gateway for public viewing (i’v tried mapping it with known working MCCI TTGO T-beam node i have - doesn’t show any heat map points nor a link to view any mapping.)

All i get when clicking on a lot of Private gateways is just the EUI and it stating " Private network peering with TTN

doesn’t show the name/description I’ve set - which is kind of critical for Australia due to AU915/AS923 coexistence (mine is only AU915 FSB2).

Is there a way to do this or is it limitation of TTN mapper?

I am considering putting my gateway back on Public TTNv3 if this is the case to get the network coverage map for the community to view as I feel its a better use of the map and gateway overall as more and more start to use it.

TTI gw on TTN mapper


paging @jpmeijers fo advice and best practice! :slight_smile:

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One thought did you look for your device specific data/plots under Advanced Maps?

It may be your data hasn’t been registered in main heatmap yet or is being rejected for some reason or trated as experimental (what HDOP values do you get?) or are you using with phone association?

If your data being accepted via the TTN Integration (you enabled that, right!?) this option should show ‘something’!

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If there is a marker showing up for your gateway’s EUI, with some coverage, then everything is working correctly.

From TTN Mapper’s perspective, the website only shows coverage of the community network (TTN, lately called The Things Stack Sandbox). This however does include private networks that contribute coverage to TTN. But these private networks’ gateways only show the EUI, like you see in your case.

The argument is that if someone can afford a private network instance, then they should contribute financially to the mapper website too. For that reason there are a couple of suggested tiers on Patreon, see: TTN Mapper Patreon

To make it more official for commercial clients we are starting to offer white labelled private network coverage maps under the domain. See and specifically Commercial Pricing –

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