TTN multifactor authentication?

As per the title: In reference to an added layer of security, does TTN offer multifactor login? At the moment we only have the free account, however we will soon be moving to a paid service. I cannot see any multifactor authentication option currently, however is this an option or requirement of the paid tiers?

The Things Stack does not contain native MFA support but relies on a Single Sign On provider (ex: Google Open ID Connect/AWS Cognito) to support MFA.

The Things Stack currently supports Google Open ID Connect and Amazon Incognito out of the box, but only in the (paid) enterprise deployments.

Instructions on how to do this in the docs.

Actual Enterprise or Cloud / AWS / Dedicated as well??

I meant to use “enterprise” as an umbrella term for all the paid options but indeed that word already has some meaning.

It’s indeed supported for TTS Cloud and TTS Enterprise.