TTN Munich, Germany

Topic for the TTN Community in Munich! :pretzel: :satellite:

We are an active community for years now, but i read a topic like this is required to become an “official” community, so here it is! :smiley:

We are now almost 100 community members in Munich with also almost 100 active Gateways. We have a monthly meetup, usually at the MunichMakerLab. (online since covid).

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Feel free to ask us anything. :smiley:

Greetings from Munich and stay healthy,

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Hi TTN Munich,
I´m happy to read that there is a dedicated community for TTN in Munich. Today I started the first steps with my TTGO t-beam esp32 868 node. Now I have tons of questions and as you have offered I would be happy to ask. What is the best way to contact the munich guys?
Happy to her from you.
Kind regards from the east of munich

Hi Sebastian!

Best point to start would be to visti one of our monthly meetups (online), the next one is already on February 15th. The Things Network München - Community Treffen | Meetup

We also have got a slack channel (not within the TTN-slack, we have a separate one). Reach out to me via the “contact” button on my profile, if you would like to join there:

For the TTGO beam You can have a look in this forum, there are several topics on it, maybe answering some questions. :slight_smile:

Make sure to become a member of our community site :smiley:

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