TTN Nagoya, Japan


I just become a core member of TTN Nagoya the #4 population city in Japan. Do you know Nagoya? Well, Nagoya is located in central Japan between Tokyo and Osaka. And near city to headquarter of Toyota. I believe you know Toyota even if this is the first time to see Nagoya.

Now I have high motivation to contribute TTN community. So that I founded TTN community in here Kitanagoya. Please join TTN Nagoya community if you are around here and let’s spread The Things Network.

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Hello ytsuboi!
I am located in Hobetsu, Hokkaido! I am going to do my best to start a Lora community here as well! Lets meet up sometime if you find yourself up north!

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Hi Kevin,

That’s great. There are no TTN community in Hokkaido for now, so please install TTN gateway in your town!! I wish I visit there and enjoy meeting up, LoRaWAN and taking Hokkaido ramens!!

By the way, I were in Hokkaido to transfer the plan on the return way from The Things Conf in this Feb. :slight_smile: