TTN Neuchatel, Switzerland

Hi there,

We are building-up a community in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

Join us there :

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welcome ! :sunglasses:

Thanks @BoRRoZ, we will do the best we can !

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A titre d’info, j’exploite désormais 4 gateways TTNv3 dans le canton de Neuchâtel: à Chaumont, à Fontainemelon, à Chaux-de-Fonds (indoor) et à Neuchâtel (indoor, sera rebranchée en août).

J’ai fait quelques mapping avec un LoPy (porté à TTNv3), consulter TTN Mapper.

Please use English on the forum as per forum rules.

English translation: in the French-speaking area of Canton Neuchâtel, I have installed a total of four TTNv3 gateways.

Chaumont: external, at least for a year (TTNv3 last december)
Fontainemelon: external, reactivated recently, before was internal
La Chaux-de-Fonds: indoor, active for a few days now, the antenna will probably be raised a bit in August
Neuchâtel: indoor, currently offline, will be reactivated probably in August.

I also did some mapping with a LoPy (TTNv3), see