TTN Node Test Pink Light

I’ve been testing the TTN Gateway and TTN Nodes. I have 3 nodes and a TTN915. I guess I was expecting bit more ready for prime time. I was excited to work on the outcomes, but instead have been spending quite a bit of time getting data to pass and such.
Tonight I was uploading (again) another configuration to test to a new application and again data wasn’t passing…
I found in the examples a Test. It didn’t look like anything bad, so I uploaded it and nothing happened. Except the light on the node turned pink and now doesn’t respond. I removed the board from the node and pressed the reset, but it won’t stay running long enough to upload a different sketch.
This is all great if it works, but I’m almost ready to move to applying this technology. Instead its more of keeping/getting it going…
Any ideas about how to get out of the the pink hole? Thanks!

First lesson- In the TTN Node Setup video it shows that the board pops out. I should mention that it doesn’t. The board is now screwed into the rubber with two torx screws in the battery compartment.

After fooling around with it for a bit I found that you have to just upload a basic very short sketch. Basically File>New and the sketch that appears with nothing it is enough.
On the back of the board are two buttons. The center button and a button on the side. It takes a bit of timing, but if you press it twice just before the red text appears, it will have enough time to upload the sketch before the node goes back into “test” mode.
It’s a bit wonky, but it works and then you can upload a sketch such as device info and everything is back to normal.
Lesson learned- Don’t use Test.
I was so smart I tried it on two boards. Haha!
Cheers from Alaska!