TTN Northern Beaches, Australia

I’m announcing the initiation of the Northern Beaches community in Sydney, Australia.



Hi Claire welcome !

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Hi Claire, I’m a little late to the party but keen to contribute.

Hi Claire,

I joined some time ago but just acquired a gateway (TTIG AU915) which I am attempting to setup. Fairlight area.

I mistakenly purchased a couple of Draguino sensors which were US915 so am investigating whether they can be firmware flashed to AU915.



Hi All on the Northern Beaches group.

I am located in St Ives and am keen to add a gateway to enhance the coverage in the area. I have a few questions though;

  1. What GW are most people using ?
  2. Is there a cost effective option ?

I had a look at the TTIG AU915 but it seems no one has any stock.