TTN Ogden, UT

I’m announcing the initiation of The Things Network Ogden Community. No gateways yet, but I expect to have two soon.
Right now our page can be directly accessed here:

We are currently in a “TTN desert” with no gateways around for 1200km! (745mi) (The closest gateways are in San Diego, CA and San Francisco, CA.) I look at our neighbors across the ocean who have gateways so densely set up and I get inspired! I am a maker and I want cheap access to the internet for my things!

I am open to any suggestions that will help TTN Ogden get started and become successful.

We also have a Twitter handle:


There are now 2 gateways in Logan, UT. One is at Utah State University. Playing around with the Adafruit Feather LoraWan node.

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Is the community active ?

the iniator have been last seen on the forum Sep 26, '17

This is great! I’d love to connect with you guys at USU. We’ve interacted with Jeff Horsburgh quite a bit on the EnviroDIY Mayfly project and the project. It would be great to take this to the next level and incorporate LoRa and TTN. A great pairing.

I’m up in Logan as well. Would love to see some more gateways and interest in Utah.

I live in West Layton about 18K from the Ogden Gateway. Thinking about putting up a RAK 7258 915MHz LoRaWAN Gateway if there is any interest from the folks in this area.

Just trying to see if there is any activity out there.