TTN outage on December 8 2018?

(Prg281) #1

Is anybody else having problems? Payloads are not flowing through the TTN backend, even simulated ones…
This is in US-West: ttn-router-us-west; however the status page doesn’t report any issue

Are these the proper troubleshooting steps to identify a back-end routing issue?

  1. simulate a downlink for an Application - Device from the TTN Console screen
  2. observe the output on the Gateway - Traffic TTN Console screen. If the back-end routing is functional, then the simulated payload from step #1 will show in this Traffic screen; if the simulated payload doesn’t show up, then there is a back-end routing issue.

(Bernd D) #2

@prg281 I just checked and receive data all the way into Adafruit IO.

(Unogulin) #3

Yes, started 2:30 am MST 12/08

(Prg281) #5

Thanks Unogulin; can you confirm the troubleshooting steps I added to the initial post please?

(Prg281) #6

Thanks Bern_d; are you in US-West?

(Israboy) #7

Hi prg281, I’m also having troubles with my Heltec MiniLoraGateway + Raspberry Pi B3+. I can see the gateway and my node communications just fine, but my gateway is not showing up in TTN (not connected).

PS. Im in US-West.

(Mattsimms) #8

YES, we are also having issues. Even our gateways are having issues connecting. We found by deleting the gateway and re-registering the gateway allowed it to connect. We also took one of our devices and deleted it, then added it to a EU application and the data then started to forward through. Not sure how to move forward.

(Bernd D) #9

Thanks Bern_d; are you in US-West?

No, sorry forgot to mention I’m in the EU region.