TTN payload to HTML PHP

With the ttn V2, i write a script connecting json file with data storage integration.
The php file begin is like :
$jsonurl = “
and the authentication like :
$key = array(‘Accept: application/json’, ‘Authorization: key ttn-account-keyblablabla’);

Can you help me for the ttn V3 script ?
Best regards

Help you with what - that looks OK.

Although I’d go for the data travelling the other way via WebHooks.

Thanks for your answer
In V3 the url is like
When i put this url in firefox the answer is

grpc_code 16
http_code 401
message error:pkg/rpcmetadata:unauthenticated (the context is not authenticated)
http_status Unauthorized
namespace pkg/rpcmetadata
name unauthenticated
message_format the context is not authenticated
correlation_id 9d5e0b623ae54236a02ef4b373e8aca4
code 16

I don’t know where to put the authentication
Best regards

You can’t do that from the web address bar as there is no where to put the rest of the settings that are required. You can script it in JavaScript.

There is a command line example in the documentation.