TTN Pune, India

Dear Community,

We are expanding our pune community by adding more gateways, members, applications and awareness sessions here in Pune City.

Thanks to TTN for giving us fantastic open source stack.



welcome ! :sunglasses:

I see 0 gateways at this moment ?

Yes very true, we are planning to deploy more gateways.

Too bad that you seem to use yet another frequency band there. Using EU-stuff is out of the question.

I have a friend in Pune, maybe I can send him a mapper node to have some fun with TTN there.

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Sure, Please send

Hello guys,

Even im willing to host a Gateway at my place.
I already own one.
Would love to see more contributions from Pune and gradually cover the entire city.

Lets connect !

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Iā€™m a Engineering Student at Aissms Coe and willing to setup at gateway .
Can you Help Me with the specifics .