TTN redundancy

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I am building smart gardening. Some vineyards are dislocated so I am using Lora. TTN seems fine until I have internet. If i loose internet all data from Loranodes goes to GW and stops. How can I cet data from nodes or from gateway locally. Not from internet via MQTT or via webhook.

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Redundancy comes from having duel (or even more) backup for each component in your network.

Two or more gateways, two or more power sources, two or more uplinks to the NS.

Very difficulted to recommend anything for your situation, you are asking use how long a string is, but we have never seen it. Unless you give us in detail your situation, it is very difficult to help you.

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I am talking about redundancy of loranodes. At present I test TTN indoor gateway and some nodes. Everything seems ok. Other sensors are zigbee or wifi and work fine. If I have lost internet, connection to my Loranodes has lost as well. Can I use TTN indoor gateway locally or i need any other gateway which can offer local connection say mqtt, or i have to install parallel (redundancy) gateway with local connection or local mqtt. I use home assistant, (nodered, mqtt integrated). I understand TTN prefer own network, but unfortunately TTN depends of internet access.

We are about TTN, if you need private network, you need look at the documentation, you can deploy the stack privately, but you will need to learn and research and read the documentation.

Thanks. But, if you red documentation, is easier to built stack privately or choose another gateway or use parallel gateway?

Then you need to provide a backup to the Internet connection you have.

Understand the difficulty that this TTN forum has in providing assistance, for free, for the setup of private networks.

No. TTIG requires an internet connection at least some of the time.

Look for a gateway that has a networks server (NS) on it. That setup will not be supported on this forum but would offer the functionality you specify.

That is not possible. Gateways without an NS do not provide access to unencrypted data. Gateways just forward RF data via the internet to the NS and the NS does all processing like matching devices to applications, decrypting data etc.

That is because contrary to WiFi and Zigbee the devices connect to the LoRaWAN network server, not to a gateway. For TTN that network server is located in the cloud. There are several options to run your own, for instance a local copy of the open source LoRaWAN stack The Things Industries provides (and uses to run TTN)


Thanks kersing. You explained all i needed to know. Now i can solve my problem. Thanks again.


Thanks for help. I got answer, so can go further.