Ttn-router-us-west possible outage Mar 07, 2021?

I have 3 V2 gateways serving the V2 TTN stack that experienced a 13+hr service outage during the first half of 3/7/2021 (00:00 - 13:30 GMT). This was detected by a loss of lorawan packets during this time. The gateways are cellular backend, but the cellular on all three looked solid. I failed to notice the outage with it happening on the weekend, but the gateways themselves indicated continuous cell service. I noticed there was a TTN V3 upgrade to 3.11.2 during March 8 timeframe - it doesn’t match but is somewhat close. Could there have been preparatory work for this upgrade that may have affected the V2 stack?

More details on my environment:
• Fully TTN V2
• 3 Multitech Conduit gateways (firmware 5.3.0 and 5.2.1) operating as Semtech legacy packet forwarders.
• App Id: ora_app_id_test, gateway ID: eui-00800000a0005d81 and device IDs: hse3108_000_000_007, hse3108_000_000_008.
• App ID: prod_srwsld, gateway ID: hse3108gw6, Device ID: hse3108_000_000_148
• App ID: prod_srwsld, gateway ID: eui-00800000a000486b, Device ID: hse3108_000_000_092
• Two of the gateway sites located 15km apart, the third about 100km from the other two.
• All three use ttn-router-us-west.

Any insight on why this happened?

Have you checked to see if any listed outages match your experience?

And are you aware TTN community network does not have a SLA? Outages happen every now and then.

Yes I had checked the status and didn’t see any listed outages that were a definite cause. Our first run for this product is a pilot run with TTN (and yes, no SLA). Moving forward we are looking at TTI.