TTN Server Tx Power


I need to test a DUT using LoRa. I have a RN-2483 as a DUT and a Kerlink Gateway. I am successfulled sending data by OTAA method. I can read the RSSI and SNR value of the data received in the server. However, I need to know what is the transmission power of the server for each packet sending from the gateway (the server) to the DUT.

Can anyone help me?


Class A nodes have two receive slots.
When the gateways uses slot 1, it sends in subband g1.
When a gateways uses slot 2, it sends in subband g3.

Slot 1 transmit power is 14 dbm
Slot 2 uses a preset frequency, normally 869.525 MHz -> transmit power 27 dbm

disclaimer: found this info with forum search - hope its correct :wink:

Thank for your reply. So, in case of using the subband g1, the ttn server is always transmiting with 14 dBm power?
There is any way of how to know what is the power that the server has used to send a packet (like an ACK)?
It is possible to change the transmit power value of the server?



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