TTN shows received frames in "device overview" but no details in "data" section

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can anyone give me a hint why I see “182 frames” in the “Device Overview” section of the console, while I do not anything in the “Data” section. It is is simply empty.


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after 194 frame I can see it showing up. So I conclude a data packet consists of many frames. Is that correct ?

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  • what is your node
  • is it moving
  • what is your gateway (single channel ?)
  • what is the distance between node/gateway
  • did you check antenna’s or exchange them
  • did it worked before
  • show a screencap of the received packets / joining
  • abp / otaa
  • did you reset framecounters

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thank you for the quick response. In the meantime data is showing up. It appear like my whole data packet is comprised of 194 frames. So not each single frame is shown… that was new to me

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to me too :sunglasses:
So this one is ‘solved’ ?

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Hmm, I am not sure. Now the data disappeared again. Is there a limited time for which data are displayed ?


yes… until you close your browser window.
So the data is not stored for you

but you can add TTN storage integration to your application.
then data is stored for 7 days (free) … more permanent data storage you have to build yourself