TTN shows successed processed join-request, but not join accept in fact

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In a successful join accept , there are maybe several steps in the picture.
But sometime it hasnot the information in the red block.And why ?

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Does it ever provide any other alternative messages when those red ones are not there? A join-request can be rejected by the network, for example if the DevNonce has been seen before (indicating a possible replay attack), or if the MIC is not correct (indicating the AppKey set on the Things Network and on the device are not the same).

Is this the log for the device, or a particular gateway? It is also possible that multiple gateways received this JoinRequest, and the JoinAccept was sent using a different gateway to this one.

Thanks for your Answer.
This is the log for the device, and it’s not ever provide any other alternative messages when those red ones are not there.
This problem only appear sometime not all the time , it can be successful sometime ,and i use the same one device with the same one gateway.

Which node, which gw?

Private AU915 Node and Dragino LPS8 GW.

How can i check the DevNonce and MIC are right?

That’s a start but prefer not to play 20 questions at this time of day… details please as no one in the community that I know of is a mind reader…h/w, firmware, how set up, library version, pulled from where? Etc. Things that might help us understand what is happening and diagnose, given you are using a common, well used gw and I assume TTN Au cloud, again well used… device logs? Application logs?

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