TTN Stack v3 custom frequencys


I’ve got a Dragino gateway that came pre-installed with the things stack v3, I’m trying to setup a custom frequency plans.

I’ve created a new frequency plan “adr.yaml” and a new list of plans “frequency-plans.yaml”
and put them both in “/usr/lib/ttn-stack/blob/config/”

Then I modified /usr/lib/ttn-stack/config/stack/ttn-lw-stack-docker.yml and added:

config-source: ‘blob’
bucket: ‘config’
path: ‘/’

But when I restart the stack I get the following error:
|#033[0m WARN#011Failed to connect#011{"error": "error:pkg/frequencyplans:read_list (could not read the list of frequency plans)", "error_cause": "error:pkg/frequencyplans:fetch (fetching failed)", "error_cause_cause": "error:pkg/fetch:file_not_found (file frequency-plans.yml not found)", "filename": "frequency-plans.yml", "gateway_eui": "A84041FDFE240060", "namespace": "gatewayserver/io/udp", "remote_addr": ""}

what am I doing wrong?