TTN SWIN, South West UK

Cornwall and Devon are getting their own network. There is 11 in the area and we are adding 2 powerful Gateways which will cover a large area. We are now working with local orgs and companies to extend the network even further.

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welcome ! :sunglasses:

Hi Wo,

Good to see more people South of Bristol getting involved. I am in Plymouth and have been contributing as part of the Plymouth community for over a year now. I run the Beacon Park gateway which has some pretty decent coverage of the local area…

We have some continuous integration that takes data from TTN Mapper and uploads it into our local authority’s CKAN data warehouse -

We have a Github over at where we keep an inventory of our gateways and also our monitoring scripts. This allows us to warehouse historic gateway uptime / traffic stats in InfluxDB and draw pretty graphs with Grafana.

We communicate mainly via the MESH Slack group, particularly in the #plymouth-iot channel.

We should probably chat in more depth about regional projects, I have a few ideas but not much buy in from the relevant people to get the moving anywhere outside of my garden. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much for replying. Things have moved very quickly down here. What you are doing in Plymouth is amazing and we seem to have an opportunity to help each other grow it even more. Here is a link to one pager that I sent around which is now getting great interest.

We have Agritech, Marine. LEP, two Plymouth Uni Depts, an Exeter Uni Dept and the local dev community all on board. All within a month. We have an event being organised for a few weeks that I would love to have you at. We would love to stretch the idea up through Devon from Cornwall. Can we organise a time to chat?

My email address is I am free on Mon and Tue morning.