TTN to Google Sheets


I’m recently working on a project, which has the goal to show data (as diagramm) in the companys intranet.
Im using a Heltec ESP32 to receive the data. At the moment im using the integration to visualize it.
But now i want to integrate google sheets to display a diagramm on the website.

Has anyone an idea how i can transfer my data from TTN to Google App Scripts as easy as possible?

I tried many scripts, but none of them ist working.

If you have an completly different idea without Google Sheets, tell me :wink:

Thanks for helping me :smile:

I remember posting a link to a how too about 1.5-2 years back for getting data into ggogle sheets - use forum search with squix & google sheets as terms and should find as way forward? May need to do work to get from datalines in sheets and simple graphing ther eto integrate to your website.

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I did this many many moons ago:

Since then the Google Sheets API and TTN changed.

Nowadays, I’d probably try to decrypt the payload on TTN and forward it to IFTTT and there let it store in a sheet row.

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with you can do this, if you’re message has max 3 values, that is.You need the “webhooks” to do this.