TTN Tracker Locator - see where a GPS tracker is located relative to your location


I made a small, open source, hosted, HTML5 application that shows you in real-time where a GPS tracker is located relative to your location. This is useful if you are outside with your phone and there is a LoRa tracker somewhere nearby (your kid, dog, car, bike, etc) and you want the app to take you to the target.

The information about the tracker is pulled from TTN through the Storage integration.

This is just an early release so some things might not work correctly. I am looking to get feedback and to see if this is useful to anybody besides myself.

Other clients I tried to use for this purpose only show the absolute position of the target and don’t respond quickly enough in real-time.

Usage instructions:
You need to have a working LoRa tracker (such as LGT-92) that reports to a TTN application.
You need to have Latitude and Longitude information in the payload.
You need to enable “Data Storage” integration for the application.
Next go to
In “settings”, provide the relevant TTN application id, TTN device id and a TTN access token.
Best practice would be to create a dedicated access token for this use. The settings are stored locally in the browser. This app has no back-end of its own.
Adjust other optional properties in “settings”, save and reload data in the main screen.

If everything is working you would get the recent path of the tracker relative to your position and orientation. If something doesn’t work, troubleshoot in the “data” screen or using TTN console. If you want to report an issue please do so in the repository.

Regards, Arik.


Looks great, I’ll have a good go with it over the weekend!

Cool. What kind of tracker do you use?

RAK7200 for convenience, assuming it’s still in one piece, my bench built ones tend to be variable due to specific use case.

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