TTN V2 shutdown

On Wednesday December 1st, The Things Network V2 started permanently shutting down.

We stopped forwarding traffic to applications. You can still migrate your devices away from V2 until the 7th of December using the V2 Console or the migration tool.

On December 1st, the following changed:

  • Access to the V2 MQTT APIs was disabled.
  • Access to the V2 Storage Integration wlas disabled.
  • External V2 integrations were stopped.
  • Join Requests are no longer accepted by V2.
  • Confirmed uplinks are no longer acknowledged by V2.

Until December 7th, at 9:00 CET, the following will still be possible:

  • You can still use the V2 Console to view your devices and schedule downlinks (to reset them).
  • You can still use the migration tool to migrate your devices to The Things Stack (V3).

Until further notice, the following will not change:

  • Gateways connected to V2 will stay connected, and will keep forwarding traffic to Packet Broker.

See also: The Things Network Status - The Things Network V2 is Permanently Shutting Down

As the great migration has accumulated a whole heap of information over the last 9 months, please search the forum for your specific devices, but here’s a summary:

ABP is going to be tricky - you can copy over the details but you are strongly recommended to use the CLI to ensure all the settings are applied, particularly if you rely on frame counter resets - if you can re-provision them to OTAA that is recommended.

OTAA setup is all good but will rely on your device implementing the Link Check protocol to realise it isn’t being heard and performing a re-join - this is typically every 64 uplinks - your device could be on 60 or on 5, so if you have a number of them, you will see them coming back at seemingly random intervals. Alternatively you can power cycle them

OTAA sessions can be moved but is non-trivial - you need to try a couple before moving them wholesale.

There is the migration tool for bulk transfers - forum feedback shows that you should batch your transfers in to small amounts until you are sure your data is moving over smoothly - there are many legacy items in v2 that don’t always translate well in to v3.

We have all faced different & difficult circumstances over the last couple of years, please be kind & patient with anyone trying to assist you with any last minute migration issues you have and remember the bulk of the replies will be coming from volunteers who do not have access to any TTI/TTS CE systems.

Once more, let’s concentrate on devices, gateways will keep on working in the short term.

If you have information resources to link to, please post below. If you have a specific issue that you can’t find an existing topic for, please start a new one.


A post was merged into an existing topic: Trouble with migrating OTAA devices w/o migrating gateways

For device related questions, regardless of any other info in an existing topic, a fast start post would include:

  • Device manufacturer, model number, version and brief description of its function.
  • What LoRaWAN version is the firmware?
  • How is it setup on v2? OTAA or ABP (and if ABP, is frame counter reset in use?).
  • Approximately how many devices? So we can offer suggestions like hand-typing info or using the CLI.
  • Have you tested a transfer - if so, what happened?
  • Can you test a transfer? (bearing in mind you’ll need a device that’s on v2 to do that)