TTN V2 to The Things Stack V3 Transition

Thank you for your reply. This makes more sense now, I thought it would automatically pick up the change when associating. No problem, I guess I can reregister the gateway back in V2 and then build my applications in V3. Thanks again.

Is there a specific order to remove apps/devices after moving to v3? Eg : first : remove API keys, then integrations, then …, then collaborators, or will removing the application delete all that (cascaded delete) ?

I have followed this instruction successfully.:


Here is a quick howto that I use to connect a Kickstarter gateway (KSG) to V3:

  1. Create a gateway in V3.
    a. Give a name to the gateway (Gateway ID) no Gateway EUI!
    b. Choose the frequency plan “Europe 863-870 MHz (SF9 for RX2 - recommended)” which applies to my situation.
    c. Save it
  2. In V3 gateway select API Settings
    a. Select Add API key,
    b. Provide a name for the key
    c. Select “Grant Individual rights”
    d. select “link as Gateway to a Gateway Server for traffic exchange, i.e. write uplink and read downlink”
    e. click “Generate API Key”
    f. Copy the API key to your clipboard (and save it somewhere safe. You cannot read it anymore afterwards)
    g. click “I have copied the key”
  3. Connect to the WiFI accesspoint of the gateway with SSID: “TheThings-Gateway-xxxxx”
  4. Browse to
  5. In the “gateway Settings” menu:
    a. At Gateway ID fill in the gateway ID from step 1.a.
    b. click advanced options open
    c. At account server fill in the URL from V3:
    d. At gateway Key fill in the key from 2.f.
    e. click Save.
  6. The KSG will reset connect to V3. The status will change and date will enter at “live data”

Before I raise as a bug - quick check to see if this intentionally The Things Stack v3

Screenshot 2021-01-30 at 18.46.30

f_cnt (number) object is missing from uplink_message when f_cnt = 0 …

is that considered a bug ??

Screenshot 2021-01-30 at 18.52.53

As I understand, switching a gateway from V2 to V3 only means changing the server hostname (apart from registering on the V3 system, of course). This will need to administrate the gateway’s setup interface.

Reconfiguring gateways already deployed at locations that are different to reach will in many cases become a serious problem when the time has come, I’m afraid.

I wonder if it would be possible to automatically switch V2 gateways to V3 (of course still using the old packet forwarder) by simply DNS-resolving the old hostname to the new (and similar for other regions)? If the V2 world is shut down anyway, the host entry is no longer used, isn’t it?

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Only on the day TTI turn off V2. Until then, it will still be in use.

Yes, of course. I should have written “after the V2 world is shut down” :slight_smile:

Do the April and September timelines regarding V2 refer to the start or end of the month?

Unknown as yet, I’m sure once the TTI crew have recovered from the Conference they will be able to schedule a bit more definitively.

For now, what ever you do, do not move your V2 gateways to V3 as it will break TTN for anyone in your area that hasn’t moved their devices.

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And keep in mind that there is much more involved in a migration than just ‘moving devices’ from V2 to V3.

Is it true that disabling frame counter checks no longer returns in V3?

No one responded to that same question last year… it seems the answer is yes. Disable Frame Counter Checks in V3

Is it not enough to use the (public) contact information for this? If not, we could add a simple text field for the owner/sponsor. I don’t know if connecting another user or org is necessary.

ANYTHING that helps someone get in contact with someone that has anything to do with a gateway, the more info the better.

A flag that says “I’m officially in the local community, not just auto-added by TTN” would be good.

As would another flag that says “Contact me, I can help you get started”.

And another that says “Wife turns off gateway whilst blow-drying hair, do not rely on it”

Or put a checkbox on the attributes line that displays any public ones on the public page.

Or provide an API that allows certain attributes to be cherry picked out for community consumption.

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Did I miss this piece of information anywhere: When exactly will TTN V2 be shut down?

I cannot find any information other than “later this year”…

No you didnt miss anything - too early to commit specific date yet I suspect and dont think the Core Team have set one in concrete…likely will be confirmed once clear on transition progress and issues arising, and probably only once V2 goes RO. TTI team likely still recovering from TTConf to even think about this yet :wink:

Stay tuned to this and related threads…

OK, thanks. I just got into LORA and “accidentally” upgraded both my devices and my gateway to v3 when I saw the yellow warning banner in the console. Can’t be bothered to go back to v2, so just wondering when the rest of you will be forced over to v3. :wink:


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