Disable Frame Counter Checks in V3

Hi everyone,
I am using a Multitech Conduit AEP with The Things Stack with some OTAA and ABP devices.
There is one in particular that needs the Frame Counter Checks be disabled in order to works properly.
Using TTN, this option was available when registering it. With Stack there is only the option Reset Frame Counters but with or without it checked, my device does not works properly.

I’ve tried different LoRa MAC versions, but none make it works.
Is there any additional configuration I have to do so I can disable frame counter checks??


Did you see the configuration flag resets_f_cnt? That’s documented as:

Whether the device resets the frame counters (not LoRaWAN compliant).

If not available in the Console GUI, then it seems you should be able to use this flag in the command-line interface as well.

I’ve not used it; this might very well be the same option you found in Console.

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I did it but i does not work. I need to disable frame-counter checks as it is possible on TTN:

If I activate Resets Frame Counters from TTN Stack it still not working:

What can I do in order to make it working?

This device works only with ABP mode

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