TTN v3 and a Victron Energy Modul

My module can be successfully seen in the VRM via my gateway (Mikrotik LoRa8). Data arrives the VRM every hour. But is it possible to register the Lorawan module as a device under my application in the TTN? And where can I find the data? I only have the portal ID. How do I get the EUIs?

Maybe someone can give me a tip and SORRY, my english is not so good. Thanks!

What is the VRM? It is not a part of LoRaWAN I know so I assume it is a vendor specific portal?

the VRM is the Victron Remote Management Portal.

In that case you can not add the device to your own TTN app without it being disconnected from the Victron Remote Management Portal.
If you want that you will have to ask the vendor for the AppKey, the AppEUI and DevEUI should be visible in the traffic of your gateway when the device joins the network (usually happens after being power cycled)

The Victron LoraWAN connect automatically to public TheThingsNeworks (v2, later v3) nearby. You can’t add it to your own network and you can not access the data transmitted directly in your own Lora Environment (your own application).
It is also not possible to connect the Victron LoraWAN module to other private LoRa Networks and also not to self-hosted private LoRa Networks (ChirpStack - which I have also running).

There have been numerous requests in the past to open up the implementation to allow adding the device to your own private networks but this has been turned down in the past (requires programming effort on the side of Victron - see details about the hardware at the end).
Here is the link to the Victron Community Board: Victron Community (

For the migration vom TTN v2 to TTN v3 Victron caims that this will work automatically. As far as I understand this requires a Firmware Update. I don’t know if this is already working.
I’ve got a Victron module in the trunk of my car which is brand new and which I want to test within the next few days (if I have some spare time).

Please note:
The Victron LoraWAN is based upon the LoPy4 module with a connector board (for additional interfaces: e.g. serial connection).
Victron only added some programming to convert the data available via the interface into LoRa-Packages which is send once an hour. The data is received by public TTN gateways and forwarded to Victrons own servers, so you can see the details in their dashboard.
LoPy4 - Pycom - Quadruple Bearer MicroPython enabled Dev Board

UPDATE 2021-07-19:
I’ve just reactivated my Mikrotik wAP LoRa8 powered Gateway using the new TTNv3 EU-Server (Public Community Gateway). After turning on the Victron VE.Direct LoRaWAN module it did directly connect to my LoRa-Gateway. Then I created a new Victron VRM portal account ( After confirming the account I was able to add the Portal-ID written on the side of the VE.Direct LoRaWAN module to the Victron VRM portal. All data from the connected LoRaWAN module plus the connected Victron MPPT charge controller is now showing up on the portal.
So I can also confirm that the Victron VE.Direct LoRaWAN module works with the latest TTN v3.
But there is still no option to use the data in own applications, private gateways as well a self-hosted gateway (e.g. ChirpStack)…unless you reprogram the LoPy4 module or use some other DIY solution.

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Ok. Thanks for your answer, i use the vrm Portal (and the Android / iOS Apps) for the Data from my MPPT Charger.