TTN v3 Class C support


I was wondering with v3 support, if I wipe my gateway firmware and switch from chirpstack back to TTN v3, can I now use Class C?

And are there limitations?

I have a gate that I need to be able to open randomly (but straight away on command) throughout the day but probably not more than 5 times a day if that.

Thank you!

I can confirm that class C works in TTS CE (TTN V3). My Dragino LT-22222 and LT-33222 work both in Mode C. If I send a message from the V3-console to the Draginos e.g. to switch the relays, the relays react within abt. 1 second.


The limitations are given e.g. by the FUP - 10 downloads per device and day.

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I see. So after 10 downlinks or uplinks it will stop working completely.

No, but everyone in your area using TTS CE will start looking for the guy who is making a mess of the airwaves.

And, and I really hope they do, at some point, TTI may enforce the FUP - at least for downlinks.

The alternative is for you to use a paid for TTS.

Nothing in the reception or transmissions of LoRaWAN are guaranteed - particularly if someone is sending downlink a lot in an area.

If you are facing the gate in your car, there are better solutions. If you are in the house <500m away, there are better solutions.

What you need to plan for its that there is no guarantee that the downlink will be received.

So if, maybe because of range issues, a download is sent multiple times before being received the fair useage policy still limits you to 10 a day.