TTN v3 Scheduled Maintenance - Monday 3rd May

Heads up for next update cycle scheduled for Monday 3rd May:

Scheduled Maintenance

Upgrade to The Things Network v3.12.2 May 3, 13:00-15:00 CEST

During this maintenance window we will upgrade The Things Network v3.12.2

We do not expect noticeable downtime during this deployment.

Here is the changelog since the current version v3.12.1:


  • Contextual tooltips to form fields in the Console.
  • C-Style uint32_t representation for end device address field.
  • Gateway Configuration Server to the cluster package.
  • This introduces a new config option cluster.gateway-configuration-server that needs to be set in multi-instance deployments.
  • Uplink storage for integrations in the Application Server. The number of uplinks stored per end device may be configured via the config option as.uplink-storage.limit.
  • LoRaCloud GLS multi frame request support.
  • LoRaCloud GNSS request support.
  • LoRaCloud WiFi request support.


  • Allow the LinkADRReq commands to lower the data rate used by the end devices.


  • Occasional crashes in the ratelimit middleware.
  • Handling of zero EUI CUPS update-info requests.
  • Backend validation messages for some forms.
  • Gateway downlink message previews not displaying correctly in the event view of the Console.
  • Importing end devices from the Console would occasionally ignore some device MAC settings fields.
    Posted on Apr 30, 13:38 CEST

Nice to see that some of my (on Github) suggested features have been implemented and will soon be rolled out.

Any in particular?


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This says 3rd May

This says 4th May

Community network vs commercial offerings.