TTN V3 Testing in US with EU frequency's

First of all, I am making tests in an RF screen room. I have a RAK7248 Gateway. I can set it up as a EU868 gateway talking to - and i can get a connection but no node to connect. @US915 it all works. Does any one know if the US servers can manage the EU frequencies??
If i try to set it up to I can’t get a connection. Does ttn block connections from the US to the europen servers for gateways??

Are you using the same hardware for US915 and EU868? Because of the band filters on the (at least for most) concentrator boards that probably won’t work. The attenuation for EU868 when using US915 hardware is too much to get the RF to work.

The servers are named by location, they can all do the same thing in LoRaWAN terms but the Identity Server (for you to login in as a person, not the hardware) is in the EU and is irrelevant.

So you can setup a gateway that does 868MHz and choose the EU settings and have a device that does 868MHz all on NAM1 which would be better for internet transit time.

I do the reverse, in the EU I run a TTIG & devices on 915 for AU & US bands for checking channel settings before shipping. Works for me just fine.