TTN V3 Webhook does not send all uplink to my API

Hello Everyone,

I have a running API that writes all the TTN Uplink data to my Database. A couple of days ago I found something strange, the TTN Console shows that it has received an uplink but Webhook did not send that uplink to my API. My sensors send data every 20 minutes and I saw that in one hour on average one uplink is missing in my database.
Does anyone of you also had something like this?? Does anybody know this issue?

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Imran Khan

Hello! I’m using the webhook as well and in my experience I haven’t been missing messages. Which messages are you missing?

In the application settings → integrations → selected integration you can enable or disable these message. Perhaps you accidentally disabled some?


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Hello @rikietje

Thank you so much for your detailed and kind reply. I actually found a bug in my API. Sometimes the TTN V3 Uplink message does not contain the channel index. I had set up my database this way, that Uplink channel index must be present in the Uplink message, otherwise, my API will throw the data in the garbage.

Kind regards
Imran Khan

Hi there!

I’m interested in setting up a similar system. Could you share how you’ve implemented your API and database to capture TTN Uplink data? I’d appreciate any insights or guidance you can provide.


You might find these starter code blocks/options as used for the TTSA2021 (The Things Summer Academy) useful to get going - maybe take a look at the tutorials/videos from the event on the TTN/TTI YouTube channel as well?

Read the Learn section (link at top of every forum page) and associated documentation (Link at bottom of every Console page), listed on every main TTN site webpage, as that will help and will provide background and information on what is required, examples etc.

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