TTN Wiesbaden, Germany


I just start a community for Wiesbaden in Germany and I am looking for people who want to join the community and build the TTN in Wiesbaden. If you are interested in technology, IoT or just playing aroundwith sensors or things like that, join me on my mission.

Let’s build together a network for IoT in Wiesbaden.


Hallo, wir verteilen gerade ganz viele Gateways in Wiesbadener Schulen für unser product . Die Sensoren, die wir verwenden sind LoraWan-Sensoren und wir haben uns schon mehrfach gewundert, warum es ohne Gateways immer alles schon funktioniert hat…
Können wir Mitglied im TTN Wiesbaden werden?

Viele Grüsse
Andreas Herbeger

Hello Andreas,
try to contact the TTN-Community of Wiesbaden through their Slack-channel or their Community-page. btw this is an international forum, it makes life easier to write in English.

Hi Wolfp, joining the Wiesbaden community on TTN suddenly was (finally)
easy (as I found the button to do :slight_smile:
But getting on their slack channel is more difficult as it seems to be a closed one, whom to contact for getting an invite?


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Just contact someone of the coreteam: