TTN Wirral, North West UK

After six months of intense learning, experimentation and testing, we’re finally going live as a community. Liverpool and Wirral region is already pretty well served by the now-established TTN Liverpool (to which we are already a gateway contributor), but as the Wirral is geographically distinct, and separated by water, we’ve committed to becoming a community in our own right, while working closely with TTN Liverpool on planned gateway roll out to maximise coverage in the region as a whole.

We are currently in talks with a number of strategically and geographically well placed locations to host a gateway, of which there are currently three in the pipeline, assembled and ready to go (2xIMST 880, 1xRAK831). We’re looking forward to working with business and academia in the region, to champion the cause of TTN, and help build this thing together :slight_smile: - We already have a great hardware partner in, helping fund gateway builds, but also a strategic partner in that a number of areas of the business model lean toward LoRaWAN, we hope also to soon announce a location partner that will serve as an excellent test bed to improve upon our existing 70km distance record.

Follows on Twitter much appreciated (TTN_Wirral_Twitter), queries or questions via our email -

Looking forward to growth of the network!

TTN Wirral Initiator

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I’m assuming the use of the term “going-live” is subjective. In that to clarify MY definition of “live” I’ve decided to make a community, though it is yet to be officiated by the TTN ascribed targets, but we’re on the right path :smiley:

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