"ttnctl devices info" throws "Application not registered to this Handler"

I don’t know if I missing something when I setup my TTNCTL on my Mac but I am able to login, see my applications, gateways etc but when I try to use the command :

ttnctl devices info MYDEVICEID

I have an error

Ste-iMac:~ ste$ ttnctl devices info MYDEVICEID
INFO Using Application                AppEUI=MYAPPEUI AppID=MYAPPID
INFO Discovering Handler...           Handler=ttn-handler-eu
INFO Connecting with Handler...       Handler=eu.thethings.network:1904
FATAL Could not get existing device.  error=Could not get device from Handler:
   Application not registered to this Handler: handler:application:MYAPPID not found
   source=Wrap: /go/src/github.com/TheThingsNetwork/ttn/utils/errors/errors.go:222

My app Handler is set to “ttn-handler-us-west” and the result of the command look the Handler “ttn-handler-eu” and try to connect on it.

Notes : I changed the real device_id, AppEUI, AppID in my code before paste here

Anyone can help me with my issue please ?

Use ttnctl --handler-id and see ttnctl --help for more information.

I am able to change my config handler-id or router-id but seem not save in the file .ttnctl.yml.

Someone can share an example please ? My goal is to set attributes on a device and get this value into the MSG Objects