Ttnctl devices list -> FATAL Invalid appID in config file

Hi Everyone

Windows 10 64bit
Latest ttnctl (4 Jul 2019) 64 Bit

I can successfully execute
Command: ttnctl user login ##…##
Command: ttnctl applications list
Command: ttnctl config
Command: ttnctl user
Command: ttnctl gateways list
Command: ttnctl version

…but on attempting:
Command: ttnctl devices list
Response: FATAL Invalid appID in config file

I’ve only seen this error message in the forum “appl delete” thread, but without a solution.

My config file is :
INFO Using config:

     config file:
        data dir: .ttnctl

      handler-id: ttn-handler-eu
            data: .ttnctl
      gateway-id: dev
       router-id: ttn-router-eu

gateway-token: ##.##
allow-insecure: false

I have all my applications on asia-se , so surprised my config (untouched) has eu associations

Any Ideas?

Try selecting an application, not only listing it.

Hi Kersing, my hope was to discover the list of applications without pre-knowledge.

As we have a few researchers in our group, I would like my appl to automatically detect a new application and add it to the list of appl’s to service.

Your command is to list devices associated with an application. That requires an application to be selected. Listing applications should work without having one selected. However you need to use the appropriate command for that…

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