TTNMapper and TTI Indoor Gateway

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Got my first gateway the other day, and yesterday on my way to work thought I would map it’s range using an Arduino MKR WAN 1310 and the Android app while driving, got a few points around, and I can see them on TTNMapper when I use my gateway ID in the Advanced Search, but I can’t see it on the default map, also when I click on it the info says:


Offline. Will be removed from the map in 5 days.

Last heard at 2020-11-03T08:17:11.000Z
Channels heard on: 0

even though it has been online all the time, is this normal or am I missing something, I did read that it might take some time for it to appear on the default map, but the Offline message is confusing me.


Good morning,

please check the configuration of the TTN mapper app. Be sure that you did’t check “Mark my data as experimental”.
The experimental data seems not to be shown on the map.
I had the same problem. :wink:


No it doesn’t on the main map, but you can query the database and get a map for a device or gateway, so it’s not all gone.

This is very similar to one TTIG i use.

The gateway works like a charm, but is never shown on the general Map (only in advanced maps).
A second TTIG is always shown on the map.

The only diffrence i know between both gateways is that the visible one was marked as public from the first time and the “invisible” was marked as public later not in the moment of registration in the TTN console.

Experimental mode is not “checked” in the settings and Upload data is “checked”. I did notice though, from the TTN Console, that if data is not received by the gateway for a few hours it is shown as offline (in the Console), the green led on the gateway is solid green, the moment I turn on my “ping” node, the gateway appears online again (in the Console), is that normal or is there some kind of sleep mode that it enters after a while, that I can disable?

Also about the public option during registration, I left all to the default (public) when I registered the gateway.


There is a known, current & ongoing issue with the backend servers being able to keep the web console “last seen” for gateways up to date. There is nothing anyone is going to do about it: TTN V2 Console not working properly all the time

OK, well actually I noticed the “Not connected” status on the “Console” a few hours after I noticed the message on TTNMapper, while searching the forum for a similar problem, that post you linked didn’t show up, maybe because I searched “TTN Mapper gateway offline”. I believe the two are not related since the status on TTNMapper (Offline) and the Console (Connected) where different when I first checked it.

Anyway, my main concern is that it might deter some new devs in rural areas. Like maybe you are thinking about using LoraWAN for some project/product but then you go to the map to check what is going on and the area around you seems empty of gateways even though there might be a few, making you not want to add another gateway to your area and not going with LoraWAN for your project. Just a thought.

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The Console is part of the TTN provided backend service - flakey though it sometimes is it doesn’t directly impact the key provision of packet/message routing.

The TTN Mapper is ‘nothing to do with TTN/TTi’ and is a 3rd party system kindly provided & maintained as a benefit to all users and communities on an opt in basis and isnt run or managed by TTN (Think of it as an Integration a la e.g. Cayenne/MyDevices) - if that goes down or doesnt show data correctly as long as TTN is passing messages through there isnt much they can do to fix. Not sure but TTN Mapper may well scrape data from the NOC or under TTNCTL and have a direct data dependency on what comes through from there but if that is unreliable in the same way that the Console can sometimes be that is not going to get fixed in this version of V2Stack/Console pairing.

Users should not judge TTN soley on the performance of 3rd party provisions/providers. Ultimately the best view of available GW’s is provided by the overall TTN Map and the local Community maps (assuming one covers the area where the GW is deployed, which isnt always the case). Also remember (if not aware) that on registering a GW the owners have the option (tick box) to declare it as public or private. If set to private it wont show on the map…but AFIK it does still carry all TNN registered traffic through to the back end and provides coverage :slight_smile:

Well I actually thought TTN Mapper was maintained by some admin/main contributor of TTN, my bad!

No it is actually a heroic effort by friend of the TTN @jpmeijers … he gets the gold star :slight_smile:


There’s plenty of them, but you were probably thinking of a staff member of TTI who provide TTN and keep the back end going. The forum and many other ancillary services, web sites, calculators etc are contributors who support TTN.

I can see your point about those looking at TTN / LoRaWAN, but if they walk away from such a huge free resource from just a cursory evaluation, they fool themselves. Many people don’t the gateways near by, and we tell them the best way to get one going at reasonable cost and then the ball starts rolling in their area …