Ttnmapper: Chirpstack V3 Gateway symbol


I noticed a new symbol on ttnmapper’s website: Chirpstack V3 Gateway

I used my mapper node sending out “pings” together with ttnmapper app on my mobile phone. This works fine at least for “normal” v2 Gateways but not for Chipstack V3 Gateways"

Is there anything I have to do to make these gateways work for me?


Cc @jpmeijers

Hi @niehaus

The ChirpStack support should be considered “Alpha”, where TTSv3 support is in “Beta”. Focus at this stage goes towards adding support for TTNv3 and then private TTSv3 instances. Only then we will spend more time on ChirpStack support.

Therefore ChirpStack support is just a nice-to-have for now.

Please keep an eye on Project Status | TTN Mapper Documentation to see the progress.

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Answering your actual question, which I will rephrase:

Q: Do ChirpStack gateways that are shown on TTN Mapper receive my TTNv2 and TTNv3 devices?

A: No. Or at least not at present.

The ChirpStack icons you see are part of an experiment to add ChirpStack support to TTN Mapper. This is currently a private network that does not peer with TTN. They are however considering joining the Packet Broker which should allow passive roaming, and therefore these gateway should at that point receive your TTN devices.

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At which point it would be a welcome assist to TTN coverage, but for now isnt that just confusing for anyone looking at TTNMapper map and assuming TTN coverage (and who hasnt found this thread?)…

Also…:thinking: does this imply/presage a pending name change from TTN Mapper to… (ACME) Mapper?! :wink:

Is it just this cluster for now or are there others (dont fancy playing global hunt the Chirp just yet! :slight_smile: )


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Yes. But it’s difficult keeping everyone happy.

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Why try? You said previously you had your hands full running your community & migrating TTNMapper to v3 - why heap more things on your to do list before completing the v3 transition?

Go and check the git commit history for the project on Github. You’ll see other people also contribute, and accepting their commits is part of the “keeping people happy”.