TTNMapper not updating with measures!


I’m trying to map coverage of my new TTN V3 / TTS gw online now since a month but so far no mapping data appears on public map :frowning: Here are all measures done so far around my gw: TTN Mapper (I think I’ll need to change antenna as current one is not really giving a nice range !).
And here are all measures done by my TTNmapper device while walking around in town: TTN Mapper and with some pretty impressive range (18km farest gw picked up my mapper signal :smiley:
Few technical details in case needed:
mapper device done with a Lilygo T-Beam 1.1 setup in SF7 for mapping and sending a Lora GPS message every 30s.
My GW is based on a PI4 with RAK2287 Mini PCI-E card using at first a very basic Lora antenna (printed on flexible circuit board) and now replaced with an antenna that should give around 2dB gain although so far I don’t see much differences between antennas in term of coverage ! Gw is installed outside on a terrace (ground level) with clear view on 180° at least :wink:



Paging in @jpmeijers for advice and fix?

Not all data makes it to the public map (as I find myself) I gather there is a ‘quality check’? wrt # of sats seen and potential data instance accuracy?

well at first I thought my tracker device was not sending the hdop or sats value in lora payload but it is and as most tracking session have been outside I guess GPS signal should not be a problem. Will do an other mapping session this afternoon and check values reported by my tracker for hdop and sats number :wink:

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Hi @vincen, your data looks fine. If you can see the raw data for your device under the advanced maps, then everything is fine from your side.

The “global maps” that is currently shown on the homepage shows radar plots. Radar plots have not yet been implemented for TTN V3. A better way to view your coverage is by using the heatmap (TTN Mapper), which allows you to select which network’s coverage you want to see. I will soon promote the heatmap to the homepage to prevent this confusion. But there are still a few issues with the heatmaps that need to be sorted out.

Keep an eye on the documentation ( and specifically the project status (Project Status | TTN Mapper Documentation). There you will see which map types have been ported to V3 yet, and which functionalities are still outstanding.

Regarding the location accuracy and filter. There are indeed strict filters to prevent bad data from appearing on the global map. I however do not believe that it the issue in your case, as your raw data does make it into the system, and your accuracies look good. The nature and threshold of these filters can be seen in the source code for TTN Mapper on Github. I however do not want to publish the exact specifications as people tend to fake their accuracies to force bad data into the system.

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I have TTN V3, gateway MikroTik-LR8, Status connected ID: agp-besnica

No data :point_right:

Also in my case there is no data? The device only seems to work in one direction. How do you know if the gateway is working OK?

What do you mean by that?

You be able to see traffic from nodes in both the local logs & in the gateway console live data tab and in your end application/device console live data tab. If you see traffic check you have set up the TTNMapper Integration correctly…

Looks like JP was working on TTNmapper. For me everything is ok again.

My gatewey Receive uplink message :point_right: and then not send downlink message. (arrow is always_upward)

My end devices are processing another gateway not mine.

That he sent it happened only once. There is some sort of hierarchy of sending from the gateway on to the servers. (if more than one getawey signal is intercepted)

You would not anticipate TTNMapper to send down links, and in any even downlinks should only ever be used sparingly and with in the TTN FUP limit of max 10 per day…

You should work on basics of Lora as it’s the basics of such networks :wink: Most devices only send messages, don’t expect or not even able to handle downlink messages !
My normal gw stats here:
See the ratio between uplink and downlink ? :wink:

I apologize if I ask nonsense, I am a new user. Okay, so there’s nothing wrong.


Perfectly normal :wink: You’ll see after a while the downlink increments a little but no worries with it ! so long your gw shows up online in TTN console and uplink counting all is good :sunglasses:
Welcome in Lora world :wink: